Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Mon, 18-Nov-2019 9:56pm CST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
7 mi NW of Watonga, Oklahoma 2.3 000255159 mi 1574108323Mon, 18-Nov-2019 8:18pm map
2 mi ESE of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.3 000181112 mi 1574025627Sun, 17-Nov-2019 9:20pm map
7 mi NNW of Stroud, Oklahoma 2.6 00012075 mi 1574011521Sun, 17-Nov-2019 5:25pm map
9 mi SE of Helena, Oklahoma 2.5 000207129 mi 1573967590Sun, 17-Nov-2019 5:13am map
14 mi E of Waukomis, Oklahoma 2.5 000166103 mi 1573954299Sun, 17-Nov-2019 1:31am map
7 mi WNW of Yale, Oklahoma 2.6 00010767 mi 1573904573Sat, 16-Nov-2019 11:42am map
3 mi SE of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.2 000181112 mi 1573873519Sat, 16-Nov-2019 3:05am map
1 mi N of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.3 000180112 mi 1573842845Fri, 15-Nov-2019 6:34pm map
2 mi E of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.4 000181112 mi 1573823379Fri, 15-Nov-2019 1:09pm map
1 mi NNE of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.1 000180112 mi 1573789295Fri, 15-Nov-2019 3:41am map
2 mi WNW of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.8 000180112 mi 1573742131Thu, 14-Nov-2019 2:35pm map
2 mi W of Cushing, Oklahoma 2.5 00011672 mi 1573734371Thu, 14-Nov-2019 12:26pm map
14 mi E of Waukomis, Oklahoma 2.5 000167104 mi 1573605315Wed, 13-Nov-2019 12:35am map
1 mi NNE of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.5 000180112 mi 1573538009Tue, 12-Nov-2019 5:53am map
22 mi NW of Fairview, Oklahoma 2.0 000264164 mi 1573525579Tue, 12-Nov-2019 2:26am map

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United States Geological Survey - World Earthquake Map - Last 7 days
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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.